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What the Names of Allah personally mean to you By Andrew Kosorok


I would also like to know what the Names of Allah personally mean to you?

Yours truly,
Andrew Kosorok

Please note our reply as fallow Reply:
I.   Name of Allah have full power and is complete name of God and all 99 name of Allah are attribute
II.   Name of Allah is correct source to reach Allah
III.   But any one can not reach to Allah with out becoming Muslim and with out real love with Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Yours truly,

mohammad amjad:
with the exception of one name of "ALLAH" all the other 99 names tell us about attributes of ALLAH. since ALLAH has told us in QURAN that ALLAH created man in his own image so it is now duty of humans to achieve or reach as closer to these attributes as possible.these names in a sense also tell us about our potential or goals which we should acquire.these names of ALLAH also tell us about attributes of ALLAH working in the universe. 


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