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HOW TO FILL SURVEYS And How u can donate us free with out money

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Filling surveys is your time donation to us and it take few seconds or less  time in completing
Most visitors are filling wrongly so Please note care fully How you can fill  correctly:-HOW TO FILL SURVEYS:
Fill SurveyFirst Step
You will first face access this advertiser Survey Page (To Click Here) same as  given bellow:   Second Step      1. Every Survey has More than One Question and Submit Buttons you need to answer or fill all Questions in each survey for success and to    complete it
       2. On Completing of Survey Donít Close Survey Page for 3-4 Mounts Until You See Your Success Report In Result Page Or Unlock Locked Page
Third StepIf locked page did not Unlock Automatically or if you donít find Success Report in Report Page , You must Refresh bellow locked page to unlock and to Success, it will take one or two minutes in its refreshing(If you are unable to unlock above page then continue filling up to End of Survey and if you stop continue filling then your effort will be useless)Final StepAfter unlock above page Click Here to go on Result Report Page and you can check either you have done Lead or not (And you will access Success Report below page)
(Some times users think they have filed survey and completed after  clicking first submit button but it is wrong they must unlock above page and  check in Report Page success repot and if you donít find success in it then you  need to fill up to end.Click Here to Fill Survay and Test All Above Steps IF you face problem to get result or success then do as per following points:
 1. Use real and accurate information when filling out survey or offer/Lead.
 2. Wait 30 seconds - 1 minute for content to automatically unlock Locked Page.
 3. If content Locked page does not unlock, please try a different Survay.
 4. Make sure to go all the way Up to end through survey or offer Lead.
 Before you start and go to Survey or Lead filing Page:
 1. Before you start and go to survey page and if you have installed Skype in  your computer then you must delete and disable first your browser cookies as
 2. If you have Skype in your computer then it will stolen your effort of filling  survey for our web and we will get nothing and your effort will be useless for  both of us
 3. If you donít know how to delete and disable browser cookies then fill survey  and check from Report Page for confirmation your survey give us result or not
 However you can delete and disable browser cookies form browser option
 4. You can fill more than one Leads or Surveys and survey page will again make  available surveys for you.
 Please Click Here to go on Survey Page (locked "Time Donation AreaĒ Page) for  filling Surveys or Advertiser Offer.
Click Here to Start Fill Survey Please visit this page again when you again try to complete survey as we shall  ad more information about filling to avid any trouble for you and may easy  access all for you Please keep unblock our Web pop up pages as all our popup  pages are of important and helpful instructions pages
 Yours truly,

that's a great way to help you. because people do not have to spend money, but they have some time to spend and help you. that's great ..btw this is my first post and I'll help you ..

Thanks ;D

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Thanks for the guide. it helps a lot.


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