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syarah of noor-ul-huda


dear webmaster, could you please write the table of contain or chapters or bab, discuss in kitab noor-ul-huda qalan by hazrat sultan bahu (r)
insyaAllah, we can discuss and exchange view about it later

It is not easy as I am not translate and i can quote here words in Urdu language this books in more than 560 pages

As per your current question reply is main topic is Tasevver Asmi Allah Zat and Davat-i-Kaboor


salam, dear webmaster
alhamdulillah and thank you for the reply
i'm very sorry if there is misunderstanding but i'm not asking you to write or translate the whole book, just the chapter or title or bab
for example:
chapter x is about syarah of zikr
chapter y is about syarah of maut
chapter z is about syarah of kubur
etc, etc
insyaAllah, then we can discuss and excange view about the chapter/title/bab
thank you

All has been translated you can read now


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