What are signs of the True Faqir?

Author Topic: What are signs of the True Faqir?  (Read 9998 times)

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What are signs of the True Faqir?
« on: October 19, 2008, 06:09:40 AM »
Assalamo-alikum brother
What does Hazrat Sultan Bahu *rahmatullah alaih* have written in their books  about True Faqir  e.g their characteristic
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Re: What are signs of the True Faqir?
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As per Hazrat Sultan Bahu *rahmatullah alaih* Books True Faqir signs are as fallows:
1. Any thing faqir say from his mouth prompt occur or latter but must occur.
2. Faqir never advise wird, wazif, chilla and never advise such prayer or preaching which require done with mouth or lips.
3. Who don't disclose his self.
4. Who never take his self between seeker and God.
5. Who don't have number of followers/Mureed.
6. Who never clam that he has visualization of Allah.
7. Who never clam he is faqir.
8. Faqir never be a rich man and never have no of houses, cars, lands and other things, faiq always have money and things as per his need and not more than his needs and if faqir even try to be a rich man never succeed  as Hazrat Sultan Bahu says in his abiat:-
Deen te dunia sakeean bhaina aqel naheen samjhendaa hu
Doven ikk nikaah wich aavan sharaa naheen fermendaa hu
9. Faqr means control of all things in hands but all things not in hands
10. Any advise by true Faqeer effect and remove all current and old problems and give way towards the Allah and protect too, any advice by other than Faqeer person never effect, when ever you go to a person with thinking that he is Faqeer and if he is not Faqeer and you put your problem in front of him then he will abience and he will try to Satisfy you and your problems never solved due to him

I shall write more latter soon Insha Allah
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Re: What are signs of the True Faqir?
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