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Eid-ul-Adha and Question about Hajj


Assalamo alikum
I would like to ask there is soo much confusion between muslims which day Eid should be when its very simple you see the moon you start the month and then on Eid day you celebrate Eid

First Question :-
Should people follow their own country ruling regarding when is Eid or follow saudia arabia?

Second Question:-
If people know the saudi government didnt sight the moon and doing Hajj with pre-planned calanders and have done arrangements for Hajj on wrong day should people still follow saudia arabia for Hajj?

Eid Mubarik to Everyone

People Must follow their own country as per moon appearing in their country


please tell me
 if saudi authority makes people perform hajj on wrong day then will the Hajj be acceptable and correct?

Also if someone already know that hajj is on wrong day what should he do?

If you know wrong then do as per correct day



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