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Assalaamo alaykum,

I have tried to find again the naqsh e mohammad (saw) and naqsh e faqar in noorul huda but could not find.
Can someone please copy both naqsh and send me i would be grateful.
And @ webmaster please give me the details how to use both naqsh.

Allah hafiz,

Ali Raza

It seems that you not yet read all books then where from you got the information's about naqsh e mohammad (saw) and naqsh e faqar?

All details given in books I suggest; you need to read books one by one

No sir i have read till now noorul huda, orang shahi ald kashful asrar and the thing is when i had asked you about the details of naqsh e mohammad(saw) i was reading further but then you said go and check what is written and let me know so i started searching back and went through many pages but could not find..thats why i asked for help.

OK keep search and find and read
Where you will find you will also find complete details there


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