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Question about a Shayr


On pg 540 541, Sultan Bahu Saab says:
"Only he can reach to the depth of the four degrees of Qahdaniyat, Qahiyat, Haqeeqat and true marifat who bears the status of true testifier of the true truthfulness and whipes our entire 'else than Allah' form his heart i.e. in cause of Allah gives up all the four pleasures of the Nafs and selects the fifth delight of the Noor of Allah.  The said four pleasures of Body are:  pleasure of taste of eating, pleasure of intercourse with opposite sex, pleasure of Authority (kingship) and pleasure in studying books for advice."

I would like a better understanding of the fourth pleasure 'studying books for advice.'  Is he referring to an alim who studies just for the sake of knowledge, or is he speaking of the mureed who is searching for murshad?  True advice usually only comes from a murshad, not the ignorant one.

My difficulty is trying to understand how this a pleasure of the body?  Usually seeking Haq is a pleasure of the soul.  Could this be a mis-translation?

Jazakallah Khair


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