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Its not possible to add comments in Guest Book page see link below when clicking on button " Add Comments" it does not function

Also in the books page the Book Description of Aqal Badar its description needs changing
Its written Description:
"That person, who will study this book completely, do doubt, he will turn a Muslim even if he is a Kaafir, Jew or a Christian"
It needs to be : That person, who will study this book completely, no doubt, he will turn a Muslim even if he is a Kaafir, Jew or a Christian.

1. We shall update Guest Book shortly Insha Allah

2. Description of Aqal Badar:- we naver add our coments in books Description we get paragraph from haqbahu (r) book page and add in Book Description


Maybe both require updating the paragraph and description if copied same from paragraph as the word "do doubt" makes wrong meaning in the sentence.

Dear Siraj

Thank you for mentioning a correction which actually exists. We have already corrected this typing mistake in the original book and will be seen okay in the new edition of the book. We will upload fresh editions of all books in due course. Insha Allah.

We thank you and request all readers to please inform us whenever they find any typing mistake in the English Translations duly mentioning the page no, name of book and link on the website so that necessary corrections can be brought about in next editions.

You can send your email to:

We once again thank you for reading and your sincere concern with


Both issues fixed Alhamdulila


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