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Tassever Isme Allah Zat and demand of God then what happened!

Author Topic: Tassever Isme Allah Zat and demand of God then what happened!  (Read 12711 times)

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Tassever Isme Allah Zat and demand of God then what happened!
« on: November 12, 2008, 06:44:09 AM »
  • Whoever learns Ism-i-Allah Dhat (the Name of Allah, the Absolute Essence), he becomes the man of remembrance of the Divine love. Through learning the Name, Allah, the remembrance of Allah, the Divine knowledge becomes evident.
  • The Day of Resurrection would arrive when there was no man upon the earth to proclaim the Name of Allah, the Almighty. One who prohibits to utter the Name Allah or to occupy with the remembrance of Allah is either an infidel or a hyprocrite. The guide in both the worlds is the Name Allah___ the Divine Essence. Allah is sufficient; all else is lust. This is the Name Allah
  • Listen, the breath and the tongue, heart, soul and the body have been created but the Name Allah has not been created. So the eternal can be remembered through the Eternal
  • What is the medium between the servant and the Lord? It is the Name, Allah. All the recollection, reflection, divine inspiration absorption in unity, meditation, vision and miracles even the direct knowledge of the helper (ghaus) the pole (qutb) and all the saints are due to the spiritual power of the Name, Allah
  • The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The seeker of the world is an effeminate person; The seeker of the Hereafter is a woman and the seeker of the Lord is a man.” Who is a man? He who does not seek other than the Lord___ neither the world nor its adorments, neither houries and palaces nor the fruits of Paradise and neither Heavenly Steed nor the pleasures in Heaven. All these seem ugly to the men of Vision. It is because they have set their hearts upon the Name, Allah, and they are eternally intoxicated. The person, who cherishes the Name Allah with body and soul, is without any worry of both the worlds
  • The Name Allah is such that a person might have fasted, prayed, paid zaka (obligatory alm) and performed Hajj, recited Quran and worshipped in every way or he might be a learned man, a revered teacher but if he was unaware of the Name Allah and the name of Muhammad, the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) and knew them not, the whole worship of his lifetime would be wasted. All that would be of no benefit to him
  • There are many scholars, wise and learned men, many experts in Fiqh and ascetics who keep vigil at night, fast during the day and worship in retreat for forty days. There are many pilgrims (Hajis), warriors and recluses. There are many Ghauth, Qutb, men of God, saints, pious authorities on law and spiritual guides. There are many devout readers of hymns, those who strive and contemplate___ poor, patient, humble, grateful___ who have joined and who are remembered in the Divine presence. They are fortunate and well-mannered faithful believers. Then there are many men of spiritual taste and desire who wisely and quietly keep vigils at night. All of them are worshipers of self. Those who are united with God and worshipers of Haq are less. All for them are ego-centric. It means that the knower of Allah an dthe one who is annihilated in Allah and annihilated in Rasul (Apostle of Allah) is called Faqir. He must be immersed in Faqr and immersed in Hu
  • When the Name Allah becomes a companion of someone, he is annihilated in Allah and absorbed in spirituality. He has no grief any more; the sorrow leaves him. He is drunk as well as sober with no sorrow. Listen, the perfect and complete Murshid is one who writes the Name Allah and the name Muhammad (both are barzakh22) and hands over to the seeker of God.he shows it to him. Whatever the seeker of Allah sees in this intermediate state, finds the way of truth through it. And the seeker who turns away from the Murshid, certainty turns away from the Name Allah and the name of Muhammad, Apostle of Allah (PBUH). So the sacred formula also has these two Names. Whoever turns away from the sacred formula becomes an apostate. No prayers, fasts or any kind of worship are accepted from an apostate. Hadrat Ali said: “Whoever taught me even a letter is my master.” One who learnt the first letter from a teacher, it was also this very Name. Because as a teacher teaches the first lesson, he teaches: Bism Allah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim (in the name of Allah, the gracious the merciful).” Bism-Allah is the same Name Allah
  • On the Day of Resurrection when the account of good and bad deeds of the people will be reckoned, if any one who had the Name, Allah, depicted upon his heart and had uttered the Name, Allah, sincerely even only once would be forgiven. Though the sins of the person affiliated with the Name of Allah were equal to the weight of the earth and the sky and fourteen spheres, even then the heavy weight of the Name Allah in one scale, the balance would become light. The angels would cry aloud “O Lord, what is the good deed that brought down the scale?”. God, the most high and Omnipotent would proclaim: “This man sought me and was occupied with the remembrance of the Name Allah. O angels, you are those who are veiled. You do not know the reality of the worship of God and the occupation with Allah. I am with them and they are with Me. You are strangers.” Allah is sufficient; all other than Allah is lust
  • Complete and perfect Murshid (the spiritual teacher) is one who knows the way of the Name, Allah, the name Muhammad, the Apostle of Allah (PBUH) and knows nothing else
Am i write to qote above?
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Re: Tassever Isme Allah Zat and demand of God then what happened!
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2011, 05:55:36 PM »

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Re: Tassever Isme Allah Zat and demand of God then what happened!
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2011, 11:53:56 PM »
What you whats to get?

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Re: Tassever Isme Allah Zat and demand of God then what happened!
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2011, 11:53:56 PM »


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