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Hazrat Faqir Noor Muhammad (Rahmatullah Alaih)

Author Topic: Hazrat Faqir Noor Muhammad (Rahmatullah Alaih)  (Read 15833 times)

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Hazrat Faqir Noor Muhammad (Rahmatullah Alaih)
« on: January 29, 2009, 06:33:16 AM »
" The common folk cannot know of it, and even the special people of
this age are ignorant of this secret because it is a hidden
mystery.Only the perfect saint concentrator on His personal name Allah
can see the resplendent written Name. The bright letter of the written
Name of Allah the most High is the electric wire to which the bulb of
the esoteric ethereal(spiritual) personality is attached. In Sufistic
technology, it is termed the etheric personality of the place of
commemoration where the esoteric movement, sound, heat, energy and
light of commemoration comes and disseminates. The bright inscription
of the Name Allah is the root and the external occupation of
commemaration and its essentials are the species."

" The written Name Allah is the esoteric kernal and butter and the
external occupation in commemoration is, so to say, the milk. External
commemoration is like taking food or medicine by mouth and
commemoration on the written picture of the Name Allah is the injection
of the essence of that medicine or food. Therefore, if instead of
verbal commemoration and external occupation the commemorator adopts
its pitch and writes the Name Allah in special places of the body
through concentration and meditation he has, so to say, adopted the
kernal. That is to say he has acquired the butter and is free from the
worries of acquiring milk, making it into curd and churning it.
Because, when His personal Name Allah gets written down in any part of
the body through concentration and meditation, and is established there
through constant practice, that place and limb become alive, lighted
and extended through the light of His personal Name Allah. The esoteric
sense of that limb is revived. A bright aperture and esoteric path from
the invisible world is opened in that limb for the commemorator."

" He talks to the invisible Spiritual world through that tongue, and
whatever he utters with the tongue is accomplished sooner or later, by
the command of Allah the most High. If the Name Allah is written on the
palm of the hand he begins to shake hands with the angels, spirits of
the Prophets and saints, and the people of Genesis; Ghauth, Qutbs,
Autad and Abdal. With that bright hand he begins to control and work in
the invisible universe of the Esoteric world, and so on and so forth.
With every limb that is enlightened with the inscription of His
personal Name Allah, he begins to work esotericlly with that bright
limb. Finally when the entire body of the concentrator is painted
through concentration of "He sees, hears, talks and works through Me".
When such a traveller attends towards the invisible world in trance,
his external senses get closed up, and his internal senses open and
with that bright esoteric personality he gets drowned in the invisible
Written in book called Irfan by Faqir Nur Muhammad (Rahmatullah Alaih)
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Hazrat Faqir Noor Muhammad (Rahmatullah Alaih)
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