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Title: Reading and Changing of a wali in loh e mahfooz
Post by: mohibulHU on December 28, 2012, 11:19:51 AM
asslamu alykum

mai nai sultan bahu rahmatullah alai ki kisi kitab shayad Aql e Bedar mai parha hai ke wali eik aise maqam pe puhuch gata hai ke woh jab chahe Loh e mahfoz se parh sakta hai aur eik bure admi ko acha admi bhi likh sakta hai yani us mai tabdeli bhi karsakta hai mai yeh puchana chahta hon kya yeh information durust hai agar durust hai to mai ne ulema se pucha hai woh is ke khilaf fatwa dete hain aur kehte hain ke koi wali is maqam par nahin puhuch sakta maharbani kar ke mere rehnumai farmayen kyun ke yeh iman aur kufr ka masla hai magar mai yeh batana chata hon ke mai ne kisi aur website per yeh chez parhe thi is website par nahin
Title: Re: Reading and Changing of a wali in loh e mahfooz
Post by: Webmaster on February 12, 2013, 10:06:12 AM

Only Faqeer (Faqeer noorulhuda) can do it

Olama ki sheriyt or faqeer ki sharaiyt dono ak dosere ke khlaf han
For more details please read BOOK Noor ulhuda qalan: - http://urdu.hazratsultanbahu.com/urdu/book.php?b=nhq

Avoidances and references:- Hazrat Sultan Bahu says:
1.   Aiman gia ishaq de paro kafer ho ke rahe hu
2.   Jis manzil no ishaq pochawe aiman no khaber na koie hu
3.   Gos kotab sab ore orare ishaq jan agere hu
4.   Mara ishaq slamat rakhen bahu aiman no dian darohi hu
Title: Re: Reading and Changing of a wali in loh e mahfooz
Post by: mohibulHU on February 24, 2013, 01:38:58 PM
Asslam O Alykum Brother
Sorry for my late reply I have used faqeer and wali interchangeably wali means a friend of Allah and sahaba were also auliya allah but we use the term sahaba for them. brother you have written that there is difference of shariah between ulema and fuqara now I want to ask you that which one is correct? and can you please give me evidences from quran and hadith so that I may come to know that having the belief that fuqara can change any thing in Loh E Mahfooz is not an incorrect belief and it will not take me out of the boundaries of Islam  

Up to what extent fuqara can change in loh e mahfooz

Having this belief that fuqara can change anything in loh e mahfooz are we not saying that Allah (swt) knowledge has some deficiency?

please give me the awnsers of the questions i have asked?
Title: Re: Reading and Changing of a wali in loh e mahfooz
Post by: Webmaster on March 22, 2013, 08:37:34 AM
Think over it difference between friend of Allah and Allah

Have you read Hadees Qudsi... in which Allah pak say when some body become mine.. I become his hands and his steps to walk etc

When fuqara with Allah then can change any thing as fuqara are not Allah but with Allah and when fuqara with Allah then Allah hear them and do and change what they want

Read book Noorulhuda Qalan http://urdu.hazratsultanbahu.com/urdu/book.php?b=nhq  for more details

Read Quran Hazrat Khizer alih Islam and Hazrat Mosa alih Islam Waqia
In it  thinking to Hazrat Mosa alih Islam about Hazrat Khizer alih Islam action was as per shariah ulema but Hazrat Khizer alih Islam actions was correct as per shariah fuqara

shariah ulema and fuqara both are correct for both, ulema need to obey their and fuqara need to obey their shariah
Title: Re: Reading and Changing of a wali in loh e mahfooz
Post by: mohibulHU on May 04, 2013, 01:41:53 PM
Asslamu Alykum
I have understood that everything in Loh E Mahfooz cannot be changed by faqeer the taqdeer that faqeer can change is only TAQDEER E MUALLAQ. This is a taqdeer which can be changed through dua and by other means but some things no faqeer can change like no faqeer can raise your rank to sahabi or above them and we all have to die no dua can make us live alive forever these things can not be changed by a wali or a faqeer yes the taqdeer that is muallaq can be changed and it can include our deeds what we do changing the person from inside may make him a wali but no wali can rise to the rank of sahaba and anbiya and HADITH QUDSI is also talking about TAQDEER E MUALLAQ AND PROPHET MOSES AND KHIDR STORY AS WELL. SULTAN BAHU IS ALSO TALKING ABOUT CHANGING OF THIS TAQDEER(MUALLAQ) IN LOH E MAHFOOZ AND I THINK THAT I HAVE PERFECTLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT SULTAN BAHU (RAH) IS SAYING ABOUT CHANGING IN LOH E MAHFOOZ. 

Thank You
Title: Re: Reading and Changing of a wali in loh e mahfooz
Post by: Webmaster on May 11, 2013, 06:57:24 AM
You need to read carefully my last reply

Only Faqeer Noorulhuda can change TAQDEER in Loh E Mahfooz (any thing) and less than (Faqeer Noorulhuda can not change, TAQDEER never can change with dua as when some one dua then he request to Allah change TAQDEER

Sahaba mean the person who saw Hazoor pak (Hazart Muhammad piece be upon him) physically and that person was in the life of Hazoor pak (Hazart Muhammad piece be upon him) so can any one go back in past physically? So this discussion is useless and wastage of time

It is not easy to understand what is Faqeer Noorulhuda as its out of mind (Faqeer Noorulhuda  ka mertaba wahim fahim se baher ha)

So I think you still don.t understand read Hazrat Sultan Bahu books regularly to understand it is batter than discussion and wasting time