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Title: Bait of Unexamined person or from Molvi , scholar amd Amam Masjid!
Post by: Visitor on April 09, 2008, 01:58:05 PM
i will now explain the whole story up to best detail i possibly can....
i was 17 & i was in london and ramadan just started, so in the mosque nearby i heard some speeches of the scholar i got bait to .......then i had maked intention to get bait to them ....so i was trying to get bait to them during the month of ramadan....but whenever i tryed to get closer to stand in prayer near to the scholar and get chance to talk to them...they moved away from there before i would have got the chance to talk .....so this was bit surprising for me ....as i was thinking they might know that i want to get bait to them.........so oneday i found the chance of getting to talk to them ...so i told them i was intrested in getting bait to them ...they asked me ..are you ready...i said yes...so they told me come anytime and get bait to me............i really liked them from the first day i saw them.....but i was thinking they were said syed and so they were a very pios person ......i didnt had much knowledge about them ...so oneday i made bait to them during the last ten days of ramadan.........but after wards i found they were not syed & i was bit msitaken.....so during making the bait on hands they told me ...to pray and maked me say that i believe in allah ,rusuls,angels and the books and everything and other things ......& i was thinking maybe after making bait i will find change in my spiritualness.... but it was not soo....so they asked me can you do little zikr ....as about to say that i would love to do more zikr then little zikr...before i would have said anything they told me do this little zikr,,,,read 100 durood shareef,100 kalima taiba,100 astagfar and read the small durood shareef everyday.......so i thought may be after reading zikr i will find change in my self.....coz as i think is that a pious one can change you inner-self in a split seconds with one look of his eyes....this didnt happen during i maked my bait....so i did the zikr for a while i didnt find any change ..........
the scholar i got bait to was from india and was from deoband and he lives in india......so they gave me their telephone no and thats how i used to call them if i wanted to ask anything after sometime passed i didnt find any change in my current life so i started the zikr 55000 times.....then afterwards i have suffered from these thoughts about a year or so.....these thoughts  start coming to me after doing the zikr....so then after a while i contacted them they told me to do the same zikr that they told me in the start & read 1 chapter of quran everyday... but these thoughts never stopped....
this is it really...  after doing the zikr you gave me too recite these thoughts have decreased in huge amount but they are still there and havnt disappeared completely but its much better than before alhamdulillah......jazakallahu-khairan

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Title: Re: Bait of Unexamined person or from Molvi , scholar amd Amam Masjid!
Post by: Webmaster on April 09, 2008, 05:23:55 PM
Never bait with such person who don’t fit as per Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® books education applications and never bait such person which you don’t check him or examine him as per Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® books

Mullan and scholar never can give spiritual power as Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® says in his abiat:
“Mullan Pandat Langan Na Dinada Jo Lingiua So Chorei Hu”
“Jithi wakhan changa chohka othi klam paran sawai hu"

Yours truly,