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Books words are correct
Assalaamu alaykum,

I was reading majlisatun nabi(saww) and on page 25 it mentioned about the incident of hazrat Habil en Qabil. It says: "Hazrat Habil killed Qabil" but i thought it was the other way around Qabil had killed hazrat Habil. Please check and confirm what is correct.


Wassalaamu alaykum
In the start of our web all Hazrat Sultan Bahu (R) books in Persian with Urdu translation was present, in our web many haqbahu (R) lovers get faiz from these books and are still getting faiz all our services are free even we provide free hard copy of haqbahu (R) printed books and we send free and our team do all work free of change for haqbahu (R) this mission         

Many time many interested wealthy haqbahu (R) lovers offer me to get translation of haqbahu (R) books in English even they offer us they will pay to translator for these books translation and make available in our web online

But always I replied that as per my experience out of haqbahu (R) silsla person translation is useless and that translation shell be commercial translation as else cannot understand this way and without ishq and love with haqbahu (R) he cannot translate and cannot understand haqbahu (R) books sentences and terms  and for this work such person require who do this work free of charge and who devote his self for this work and without sultan bahu (R) approval no one can do this task (useful translation which give faiz from sultan bahu (R) ), many tired but run away even after one or two page translation of one book.

After hug time passed I waited for such person and sultan bahu (R)  books English translation was mostly required.

One day sultan bahu (R) lover and seeker Zaheer Abas Gondal contacted me for English translation I given him chance and he started this work he devoted his self for this work he asked us nothing for it he done all books English translation Masha Allah one by one even he typed all book English translation himself he done hard job, my Allah and sultan bahu (R) give him reward (ajre azeem atta fermaie).

Now with this English translation by Zaheer Abas Gondal other people getting benefit and faiz and some thief commercial translators and websites doing modification in it and using, remember whenever spiritual matter modified then its use less and don’t give the results and even don’t give faiz and even that modified matter loss its main displayed goal.

We advise only read our web books to get best results and faiz.
About forum / Re: Now you can Post New Topic or Reply Any Question!
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Our office was in McLeod road but the property owner sold the office and that time we did not have any other office place that’s why we rented two address locations which you just mention in post. The two address were used as our postal address for office post mails to send the free books from the rented address property owners.

But both these address property owners themselves become peer and trapped people for money.

As you well know Mian sh***q Qadri Qalandri was not of Sarvari Qadri as he made fool of many people and made many fraud with people and when we find this issue we removed that property address from our web

And same case was repeated by***n

Dr. K. B. Naseem in is life only accept one person as his mureed which was a women and no one else was made mureed by Dr. K. B. Naseem so you should well know without bait(becoming mureed) with Dr. K. B. Naseem that no one can become Dr. K. B. Naseem khalifa(successor) as not in Dr. K. B. Naseem life and not after Dr. K. B. Naseem life and when we find this second address issue with people and on complaints we removed that second address also from our web.

Please only contact us with this link or phone no 0300 4538321 for contact updates.

In past I visited that one address of***n and second of Mian sh***q Qadri Qalandri

Mian sh***q Qadri Qalandri said I can solve all your problems but he was not Sarvari Qadri and none of my problems got solved and i loose my money which i given to him

and***n Said to me that he is khalifa of Dr. K. B. Naseem but I was trapped by both these persons.

please explain about both these persons to save others from loosing money.
There are three persons which I know

Number one Gulam Fatima Sarwari Qadri (R) (his shrine is in Shekupura Pakistan) He spent his whole life in shrine of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® and he got direct faiz from Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® with reading of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® books after getting faiz from Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® any thing he said from his mouth it occur he don’t need to do dua and Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® meet him as live person daily

Second Soufi Bashir Ahmad Sarwari Qadri ® he also spend his life near Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® shrine he got direct faiz from Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® with reading of Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® books after getting faiz from Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® any thing he said from his mouth it occur he also don’t need to do dua (his grave is in Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® shrine graveyard)

Third Hazrat Faqeer Noor Muhammad kolachwi Sarwari Qadri he also speed some time at Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® shrine and he write in his book haq numaye that whatever he read in Noorul huda qalan book same day occur with him (his shrine is in kolachi K.P.K Pakistan)

These are three examples which I know but there are many
Kindly acknowledge about getting direct spiritual faiz(guidance) from Hazrat Sultan Baho. R.A.

Kindly tell me if anyone get faiz from Baho Sarkar by only recite his books daily. until now. and reach to Faqr.
without having bait from Murshid.

please share if any miracles Or Karamat happened to peoples who read it. daily and share there experiences.

its helpful for new comers. ON Site as well as send me.
if any you want to share.
Please contact with page for solution

Please I request your help for getting married.

I have been trying to get married but its not working out for me. Please can you help me in getting married and i would be very grateful to you.
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