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Is Hazrat Sultan Bahu (R) a Qalandar?


Is Hazrat Sultan Bahu also considered a Qalandar (belongs to Tariqat-e-Qalandari Chain)?

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r) is Faqeer and belong to servari qadri silsala not Tariqat-e-Qalandari Chain)

But most of Qalandari believes that Qalnder is end stage of spiritual way / order but its wrong AS per  Hazrat Sultan Bahu (r)  only Servari Qadri Sultanul Faqer Faqeer reach to end level


| think its better to do those things which he says either we discussed his status

**************** silsila *********** ki book ma likha hova hai ******************************************** kia hazrat sultan bahu (ra) sy rohani rabta ka koi amal hai tu bata den

Reading haqbahu (R) books is best way to reach haqbahu (R) but you need to read continuously and regularly until you get the goal 


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