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Unable to do Tasawwur Ism e Zaat Allah

Author Topic: Unable to do Tasawwur Ism e Zaat Allah  (Read 13374 times)

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Unable to do Tasawwur Ism e Zaat Allah
« on: December 20, 2015, 05:42:55 AM »
I am not able to do Tasawwur  Ism e Zaat Allah because almost 24 hours in a day I hear the voices of another creations of Allah SWT meaning of (Jinnat).In other words you can say Jinnat talks to me these are the  voices other people  can also be hear if they come near me. If I try to  contemplate on the name Allah and I inhale by by saying Allah and at the same time visualizing that I am writing the name Allah on my forehead or on heart and than exhale by saying Hu, I cannot continue for a long time because the other creation starts distracting me they at the same time says Allah HU and after some time I cannot differentiate whether I have said it in my heart or they have said it.

It is like they are sitting in my heart and whenever I start they start on the same time. I also frequently hear them speaking bad about Holy Prophet (ASW) and other Prophets (A.S) too. Speaking bad about Sahaba(R.A).
I am hearing these voices from at least 12 Years when I was doing my matriculation and it is end of 2015. My family members also hear the voices but they ignore it and any other person can confirm it by coming near to me he will also hear the same voices which I am hearing.  I do hear these voices in Ramadhan too that proves they are not shaitaan they are other bad jinns.

These voices are  like a person speaking from very far I feel  like as though those other creations are sitting inside my heart (not actually but metaphorically) when I start doing zikr inside my heart they also start at the same time so tassawwur ism e Allah zaat becomes difficult for me so than I cannot differentiate after few minutes that whether I have said Allah hu in my heart or those creations have said it.

Jinnat talking or speaking or distracting me is not a good sign for me. I am amazed how exactly at the same time when I do zikr in my heart they get to know and even whatever I am thinking is they get to know very easily.   

Kindly tell me what can I do in this situation or what is the cure for this problem these voices I am hearing from Twelve Years my family members ignore it. Not now may be in future if they harm me than these things my family members do not understand and this is the reason my wish is to find a faqeer e ghani who can get me out of this problem  and I will definitely do bait on faqeer e ghanis hands if I am able to find him?         
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Re: Unable to do Tasawwur Ism e Zaat Allah
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2015, 03:02:09 AM »
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