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Could I bait to Hazrat Sultan Bahu, directly in anyway? From: Irfan Ahmed Khan

Author Topic: Could I bait to Hazrat Sultan Bahu, directly in anyway? From: Irfan Ahmed Khan  (Read 13081 times)

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Asslam-o-alaikum! Sir, I am interested in studing about fakhar as described by Hazrat Sultan Bahu. I have studied Ain-ul- Fakhar. I think that this is the best book about Fakhar by anyone. I have no peer or murshid as described by Hazrat Sultan Bahu. I have some complaints about them. May be I am wrong or right to some extent. Plz, tell me that Could I bait to Hazrat Sultan Bahu, directly in anyway, by not involving his offspring. Could you send me some books or photocopied or anyother kind of printed metarial at the given below address. Also, guide me in contacting with your office, here, in Burewala or Jamat office.I shall be very thankful to you. You are indeed doing a great job. One again, thankyou.
Yours sincerely,
Irfan Ahmed Khan.
Irfan Ahmed Khan.
11- Waraich Town.
Burewala-- 61010

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    • Hazrat Sultan Bahu (R)
Thanks for your question and mail this is write there are many fraud spiritual guider / Peer or Murshid and their business is only to get and earn money and make no of moreeds, Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® have discouraged such person in his books and Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® also tell about them and their signs as well as signs of genuine Faqeer Peer

And Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® said “it is wrong to say that in present time there is no genuine Faqeer Peer in world and always in all world time genuine Faqeer Peer present”

Now your question: How could you can bait to Hazrat Sultan Bahu, directly in anyway
Reply: with the thought and confidence read Noor-ul-Huda Qalan Book day and night again and again when you complete all pages reading then start same reading again and again until you see ASHARA /sign from Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® about your direct bait or genuine Faqeer Peer bait advise by Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® in your dream this will not be in short time and this will take time in applications and result but it depends on your deep interest and shooq and ishtaq then you will get

We are not part of any organization, not part of any trust,
Not part of nay jamat, not part of any jamat office, we don’t have any such office in any city and our web site is not link to any peer Sahbzada or Mushid this is our company work and single man efforts

So any mishap or loss due to other sides we are not responsible we advise read Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® Books and get direct faaz from Hazrat Sultan Bahu ® but translated Dr. K. B. Nseem

Yours truly,
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