Please explain why old two address to get free books were changed, I was trapped

Author Topic: Please explain why old two address to get free books were changed, I was trapped  (Read 83371 times)

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In past I visited that one address of***n and second of Mian sh***q Qadri Qalandri

Mian sh***q Qadri Qalandri said I can solve all your problems but he was not Sarvari Qadri and none of my problems got solved and i loose my money which i given to him

and***n Said to me that he is khalifa of Dr. K. B. Naseem but I was trapped by both these persons.

please explain about both these persons to save others from loosing money.

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    • Hazrat Sultan Bahu (R)
Our office was in McLeod road but the property owner sold the office and that time we did not have any other office place that’s why we rented two address locations which you just mention in post. The two address were used as our postal address for office post mails to send the free books from the rented address property owners.

But both these address property owners themselves become peer and trapped people for money.

As you well know Mian sh***q Qadri Qalandri was not of Sarvari Qadri as he made fool of many people and made many fraud with people and when we find this issue we removed that property address from our web

And same case was repeated by***n

Dr. K. B. Naseem in is life only accept one person as his mureed which was a women and no one else was made mureed by Dr. K. B. Naseem so you should well know without bait(becoming mureed) with Dr. K. B. Naseem that no one can become Dr. K. B. Naseem khalifa(successor) as not in Dr. K. B. Naseem life and not after Dr. K. B. Naseem life and when we find this second address issue with people and on complaints we removed that second address also from our web.

Please only contact us with this link or phone no 0300 4538321 for contact updates.

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