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What Is Ishq? Who is Ashiq and Mashoq


What is benefit of Ishq , What is Ishq and Who is Ashiq and Mashoq. How Ishq can be Gained and whats the first and last Stage of Ishq. Is Ishq important for becoming close to Allah. Can Everyone be Ashiq? . I am sorry for asking for soo many questions but all seemed important points.thanks in advance


* benefit: Ishq is the only one way to reach Allah
* Ishq never can be gain with teaching as haqbahu (r) says:-          ja ker ishaq sakhala honda bahu sare aie ishaq ban bande hu

* Allah is Ashiq and Mashoq as per rasal rohi Sharif
* the first and last Stage of Ishq is allah as haqbahu (r) says:-          jab faqer intaha ko pohanchta ha to wo hi allah hota ha

* Everyone can not be Ashiq, its on Allah to make any ishaq
* what is ishaq:-  ishaq is faqr


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